The idea behind Rust Check started in 1970, when a Canadian pilot strove to find a solution for corrosion in light aircraft. At the time, there were already a number of “rust-proofing” methods available – the application of sealants, tars and waxes – but they couldn’t properly control corrosive oxidation and metallic rust.

At the base of all rust and corrosion is moisture, so finding a way to eliminate moisture was pivotal to the success of an effective rust inhibitor. While alternative products like sealants, tars and waxes were supposed to keep moisture out, they tended to dry out and crack, trapping moisture against the metal surfaces they were meant to guard. Oil sprays were also ineffective, because they float on water and can only bond to metal surfaces for short periods of time. What was needed was a truly effective formula to protect against rust and corrosion.

Enter Rust Check. It was the first precise rust protection formula that performed every function required of a viable rust inhibitor:

  • Moisture displacement
  • Penetration of contaminants
  • Reaching seams, crevices and other hard to access areas
  • Bonding to metal

After two years of rigorous testing, development and refinement, Rust Check was introduced for the automotive industry. In 1973, the first Rust Check Centre opened in Hepworth, Ontario, Canada, and this unique rust protection solution was introduced to the general public. Since then, over 2 million satisfied customers have had Rust Check applications performed on their vehicles.

Rust Check products are versatile and convenient, offered in aerosol packages that are perfect for use at home, the cottage, office or farm. Are you looking for a rust protection system with proven corrosion inhibiting performance and superior lubrication capabilities for your vehicle? Come on into Rust Check Centre Richmond Hill, or visit your local Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire where our products are also sold.


Rust Check Richmond Hill opened its doors to the public in 1990. We quickly became Richmond Hill’s #1 rust-proofing company of choice and have continued to serve the Richmond Hill local community, as well as surrounding communities for over 23 years. We pride ourselves in being able to provide professional, courteous and friendly service to thousands of customers each year. Our staff are fully trained professionals and experts in providing rust-preventative maintenance and meticulous auto-detailing services to each and every vehicle that drives through our doors. This is evident as our repeat customer rate is in excess of 90% and the majority of new customers are referrals of existing customers! A testament to the quality of our work.

It is our mission here at Rust Check Richmond Hill to provide the same amazing quality time tested formula that Rust Check has been providing for over 40 years. After all, rust protection isn’t just about the exterior appearance of your automobile, it’s about the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Combine our proven Rust Check application with one of our meticulous auto-detailing packages and you have all you need to keep your automobile looking and driving great year after year. Our emphasis has always been on the customer’s needs and our staff will always take the time to explain to each and every customer the what, how and why’s of rust-proofing and auto detailing.

Our goal: do it right … the first time, and every time!