Warranty Certificate

Our warranty is simple: all new and qualified used vehicles that are treated on an annual basis at one of our authorized centres are guaranteed forever against inner panel rust perforation.

  • Time Tested and Proven Since 1973
  • Renewable Annually, Forever
  • Unlimited Ownership
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Transferable Forever

Full Warranty Conditions

The Rust Check Full Warranty will be received for all qualified new and used vehicles if the following conditions are met:

1- A vehicle is determined to be “New” upon inspection and approval by an authorized application location and when the V.I.N date of manufacture falls within 12 months of the initial application date. If there are no expressed or published design flaws that prohibit the application of the Rust Check product, the vehicle then qualifies for a full warranty.

2- A vehicle is determined to be a qualified “Used” vehicle upon inspection and approval by an authorized application location when the V.I.N date of manufacture is not older than 5 years.

3- If a warranty is issued on a vehicle that does not meet the definition of “New” as defined in the warranty document, the following condition apply:

a. The application location assumes all liability pursuant to the warranty document for the first two years.

b. The applicating location must carefully examine all vehicles for hidden damage or faulty repairs, manufactures’ defects and obstructions, and aftermarket alterations that may affect product performance.

4- A partial warranty be issued only if, upon inspection, the application location determined that a full warranty does not apply for reasons outlined in Section 3, sub section (b).

Please Note:

There are two Rust Check warranty documents that are available for distribution. The first is a full warranty and the second is a partial warranty. Both documents are available in English and French. For more warranty details, please contact us.