At Rust Check Richmond Hill, we employ a two-step application process to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle and rust proofing. Unlike alternative products, a Rust Check application will guard against the progression of rust and corrosion in every area: the interior of body panels, all seams and braces, the exposed undercarriage area, and more. Our technicians apply both Rust Check and Coat and Protect in order to give your vehicle the best possible protection against rust and corrosion.

What is Rust Check?

Rust Check is a body panel protectant for automobiles that has been successfully applied to over 2,000,000 vehicles since 1973. Unlike oils sprays, sealants, tars and wax-based products, Rust Check has the liquid consistency and active additives that allow it to penetrate deeply into the body of the automobile, protecting the most vulnerable and hard-to-access areas such as joints, folds, seams and spot welds. It actively displaces moisture by:

Treating surfaces with corrosion inhibitors
Forming a bonded layer on metal surfaces
Shielding the surfaces from water molecules
If no moisture is allowed to come into contact with the metal, then no corrosion can occur.

What is Coat & Protect?

The second facet of our two-step application process, Coat & Protect is a premium vehicle undercarriage protectant. Essentially, it is a thicker version of Rust Check with highly effective adhesive and wash resistant characteristics. Its viscosity and adhesive, wash resistant nature make it perfect for treating exposed undercarriage areas. Coat & Protect is ideal for undercarriage protection because:

It eliminates dripping but does not harden
It will not crack or peel
It is self-healing
It can be applied to both new and used vehicles
The Rust Check Two-Step Application Process

Used together in our two-step application process, Rust Check and Coat & Protect provide the ultimate level of protection rust proofing and corrosion for your vehicle. Protection requirements vary as a result of your vehicle’s design, and our application process adapts accordingly by using products that are tailored to the different environments encountered by different areas of your automobile.

Step 1 – Rust Check

RUST PROOFINGRust Check is applied to protect the inside of body panels and other hidden, hard to access areas where corrosive moisture and road salts concentrate.





Step 2 – Coat & Protect

application02Coat & Protect provides the protection necessary for the exposed areas of your vehicle’s undercarriage. It forms adherent and wash resistant, but non-drying and self-healing protective films that will not crack or peel as a result of wear and tear. It also serves to lubricate as it protects.